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United Garage Door Service has a sizeable presence in the North Chelmsford, MA due to its reliable, honest and top quality services. We have been serving residents and local businesses for a little over 10 years now. Our service quality has only evolved with time as we have judiciously invested in new technology and world – class garage door experts. This has made it possible to take up any garage door installation, repair, and maintenance job and complete it with ease. Garage doors can malfunction any time and we understand that! This is why our team is available on – call 24/7. Homeowners and offices in the North Chelmsford, MA area can rely on our experts for all their garage door needs.

Why us?

You must be thinking what differentiates us from our competition and why should you choose us? First of all, we are more dependable, we not only claim 24/7 support, we also deliver it. When you call us in the middle of the night for emergency support, we are always there to help you, even if it’s a holiday. Other companies also claim to be 24-hour garage door service providers, but when you actually reach out to them, more often than not you will be disappointed. Secondly, our experts have years of industry experience that is unrivaled and when we say we can take care of any kind of garage door, we mean it. You will only get the best when you choose United Garage Door Service.

Service range:

Our experts have worked on multiple garage doors ranging from heavy steel garage doors to sophisticated automatic garage doors. They have installed doors, made custom garage doors, replaced broken springs, changed garage door cables and a lot more. You can call us with confidence, knowing that no matter how small or big your garage door problem is, United Garage Door Service will always have a solution.

Skills you can trust:

When we say that our experts are some of the most skillful and experienced technicians in the North Chelmsford, MA area, we have evidence to back it up as well. They have worked on all kinds of tools for years and studied in some of the best national universities. Along with that, they participate in workshops and training sessions to hone their skills and keep them ready for anything on the field. You can trust our skills to take care of any of your garage door requirement, be it the installation of new extension springs or repair of sectional garage doors or maintenance of wooden garage doors.

For affordable solutions to your garage door needs, ring us on 978-312-3216.