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You don’t have to always replace your garage door if the door is malfunctioning. To get it under control, you can simply take the help of an expert to perform repairs. You might think that you can carry out small repairs yourself without the assistance of an expert, but it is highly imperative to seek the help of an expert. It is possible that even though you might know how the tools work, but understanding a complex garage door can be tricky for most people. Trying to repair the door yourself can also lead to serious injuries and cause unwanted damage to your property. To avoid any kind of damage or injury, you can use the expertise of our team, who will perform quick repairs at affordable prices.

Garage door inspection:

United Garage Door Service North Chelmsford, MA 978-312-3216Garage doors are heavy, sturdy and built to protect your garage from any kind of external damage. It may seem that garage doors can be understood easily as they are just a sheet of metal, moving over your cars, but it is more to garage doors then just metal and their heavy weight. Garage doors have many small parts that need to work in tandem and a small fault can lead to malfunctioning doors. An expert with a keen eye and years of experience will easily be able to spot even the smallest of problems and provide a solution in minutes. Having a garage door service available on call for regular inspections is always recommended so that no fault how big or small never leads to any kind of serious problem.

Our team has decades of experience behind them that they have gained on the job. They can easily spot the fault in your garage door that has been troubling you for weeks. When you call us for an inspection, you can expect us to analyze every part of the door to understand the fault with the door. We carefully look for broken springs, faulty cables or any other signs of wear and tear. After figuring out the problem, we recommend a solution and declare our prices. Once you have agreed to the changes and the prices, we perform the repairs, more often than not in a single session.

Damaged doors:

Garage doors are often made out of a certain type of metal and are less prone to damage than other components of your home. But that doesn’t mean that they are fully protected from accidental damage or external threats. Your vehicle may accidentally collide with your garage door or due to normal wear and tear and weather changes your garage door can malfunction. Attending such issues as early as possible is highly important and that is why United Garage Door Service works as a 24/7 garage door service so that you are never left stranded during an emergency situation.

Off-track garage doors:

Garage doors can go off track for a variety of reasons. Cables may snap or a spring may break on one side of the door, resulting in the garage door to leave its track. Harsh weather conditions and temperature fluctuations can also cause such an issue. Simple reasons such as heavy usage or low-quality materials may also cause the garage door to leave its track. It is important to call an expert garage door company like United Garage Door Service the moment you notice such an issue.

As we have mentioned before and it’s a common knowledge as well that garage doors are heavy and any attempt to bring them on track yourself is never fruitful. You should always call an expert for any such issue.